Saturday, September 30, 2006

Art Teacher Fired Over Nude Sculpture

La Venus de Milo
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Here is the story that is in the news:

"FRISCO, Texas (AP) -- A Texas art teacher who was reprimanded after one of her fifth-grade students saw a nude sculpture during a trip to a museum has lost her job.

The school board in Frisco has voted not to renew Sydney McGee's contract after 28 years. She has been on administrative leave.

McGee says her troubles started after a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art last April. McGee's lawyer says the principal at Fisher Elementary School later admonished her after a parent complained that a student had seen nude art.

McGee says the principal had urged her to take the students to the museum.

School officials deny they were reacting to the field trip but say there have been problems with McGee's work."



bt said...

This is so outrageous that it just makes me crazed! SOME PEOPLE HAVE IT ALL BACKWARDS!

6 string said...

Just another case of reactionary injustice. It would be nice if the parents in this story understood the meaning of art. I wonder if they shower with their clothes on?

kat said...

yeah, I thought the same thing, backwards.

They probably let their kids watch PG-13 or even R-rated films, or they let them watch TV, period.

Because we've had more people in our house lately, I've seen some of what is on during the "family time" and the sitcoms that kids watch are full of sleaze and mockery of sex. I had no idea that primetime TV had slid to such debths of depravity!

That seems to get past the radar, but let a beautiful figure study be seen inadvertently in an art museum and some parent goes ballistic.

It's just so exasparatingly annoying! I hope some private school on a culturally-advanced planet snaps up the teacher.

kat said...

6 string,

maybe the parents in the story went to the same school, and hence, are uneducated!