Friday, February 29, 2008

my (stupid) left foot

my (stupid) left foot
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I have had an intimate relationship with this foot now, for about five days. Prior to that, this foot was simply one of a pair that I occasionally treated with new shoes or socks, but mostly it was meant to work in tandem with it's twin to get me wherever I wanted to go, which was a lot of places.

If you saw them both at the same time, you would notice that the right twin looks nothing at all like its sister. First of all, the right twin has a pretty little silver toe ring. (which probably would have had to be cut off, if it had been on this left foot). Also, the right twin, in comparison, looks totally skinny and bony when next to her puffy and colorful sister.

I have noticed that I have gone through some stages in this healing process.

stage one-SHOCK

Omigosh, did my trail runners grip the rock so well that when I went to slide down my ankle totally bent like folded paper, and then got wedged against an adjoining rock, while I sit here in shock and can't feel my foot, ankle or leg? Did I just break my ankle in two?

stage two-CODDLING

Poor ankle, here, have some more ice, have another epsom salt soak, here rest on this pillow while I watch another silly, insipid movie.

stage three-CABIN FEVER

Arrrgggghhh, it's a beautiful day outside and I am lucky to be able to go from this room to the bathroom. I will never walk again. I will make people crazy asking them to describe what it looks like, just outside my door and down the stairs! I long to see the ocean.

stage four-FOOT ANGER

stupid extremity! why'd you have to go and do this? Were you jealous because you had no toe ring??? Now I can hardly do anything at all and it's all YOUR fault! Hah, no epsom salt soaks for you today!