Thursday, October 05, 2006

How Do You Feel About Privacy w/re: Your Home?

Yellow House
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Okay, finally found a moment to repost this one:

What is your comfort level about visitors in your home?

As far as you're concerned, your home is an open book, er home, and in fact, you don't even lock your doors. You have a sign out front that reads, "Mi Casa es Su Casa." You often come home to find that your home is full of visitors and it makes you happy. The more the merrier. And you often give up your bed, and belongings to your visitors, whoever they may be.

Sure, friends and family can stay with you, anytime. You create a wonderful space for them, adding new sheets and candles and stock the 'fridge with yummy snack foods, and you clear your schedule so you take take them around to see the sites.

Family need to stay for a few months? No problem! Come on in. You move out of the den, where you were doing all of your scrapbooking, sewing, movie editing, bill paying, napping, model airplane designing, and welcome them wholeheartedly and never ask how much longer before they find their own place.

Okay. Family or friends can stay for a limited amount of time, with advanced warning, and a clear cut arrival and departure time. You will put clean sheets in the room, and move out your welding equipment. You'll clear a space in the refrigerator, and a drawer in the bathroom. And you'll have fun with them while they are with you.

Short term visitors, okay. Long term crashing, no way.

Where do you draw the line on your privacy? Can visitors go in and out at will, including in and out of your bedroom/bathroom?

At what point do you feel there is intrusion or invasion?