Sunday, July 16, 2006

I Just Want to Know!

Stepford Avril
Originally uploaded by katzeye.
Is there like some kind of secret society, maybe run by the devil,
that insists that if you are young, female, have a little bit of
talent, or an inclination, you can achieve stardom if and only if, you
become blonde and get a boob job so that you fit the mold of the
young, female star (and all look the same)?

It's just so annoying that all female singers, for instance, seem to
go to this secret society, some kind of stepford stars soceity, and
sell their souls, which are sucked out of their bodies with some kind
of wierd sci-fi vacuum, and then they are left empty, but blonde and

Britney, Jessica, Christina, Paris, Nicole, the list goes on and on.
Brunettes entering the machine and coming out all looking exactly the

What's the deal anyway?

So along comes Avril, and she is different! She is skinny, flat,
scrawny, angry, with her dark hair parted down the middle, almost
hiding her face. She's a little bit punk and a lot individual (well,
at least more so than the the stepford stars).

So, look at the photo, and tell me.

She's gone and done it, too, hasn't she? She got sucked into the
stepford star machine and spit out the other end, looking like every
other young, female star, and lacking the soul that was just traded in
for her new star-making looks.

It's just so tiresome!


Anonymous said...

I never understood the AL thing. She was a one hit wonder, and the media found her to be a favorite and kept her alive well beyond when she should have passed into obscurity, and got her over the hump.

Good thots.

Cameroon Dias

kat said...


So are you saying that they pulled her from an early grave, and essentially embalmed her to make her look like all the rest, and thereby, reviving her?

Liza said...

Those girls are all so lame. They shroud their talent in behind an ever-increasingly plastic facade. Boo!

kat said...

I agree, Liza, lame, shrouded, ever-increasingly plastic! Why do they sell out, anyway? Is it the lure of $$$?

In art school the question many students asked each other was, "are you gonna sell out? Are you ever going to be tempted to prostitute your art?"

Sometimes it seems like the choice is to either be true to your talents and struggle to survive forever more, and hope that you are recognized somehow before you die, or sell out to pop culture.

Sus said...

*sigh* I didn't even recognize her when I saw the pic on your Flickr page. I actually thought it was Jessica Simpson or some other bimbo. While I'm not a huge fan of Avril's I did appreciate her "uniqueness." so much for that now.

kat said...


EXACTLY!!! So much for whatever uniqueness might have been there. Welcome to the bimbo squad! Yawn!

Janette said...

Why blonde???!!!! What's wrong with brunette, or my favorite, auburn? What lovely role models these people are for teenage girls who are constantly being told what "beautiful" is by the mindless entertainment industry. Glad I'm over the hill and have my own sense of identity.

kat said...

Janette, exactly! (And may I add that Janette happens to be a beautiful auburn-tressed woman who is also interesting on the inside.)

You make a sobering point here, that the entertainment industry is what decides what is beautiful. I'm glad I'm not coming of age in today's times.

Saffanna said...

Since I'm over a certain age (cough, cough) I only know about many of these stars through my 20 something daughter. It's a shame they have such little self esteem and let society mold them into such a predictable pattern.
I recently saw Pink's video "I don't want to be a stupid girl" and thought it made a good point.

aj-today said...

Yes, it is sickening. Just another sign of our times I guess. This kind of thing is so prevalent in our society. Makes me want to move to Alaska, build a wall around my house, and never turn on the TV or go out in the real world. I just want block it all out.

kat said...

Saffanna (coughing with you), that Pink video sounds interesting. You'd think that in this "post-feminist" age that more young women would want to be empowered by individuality, but perhaps, sadly, not so much.

kat said...

aj- I can relate. Sometimes I feel that way too. I know that isolation is not the answer, but sometimes....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree wid alla youse. Da dame is goigus, but ain't nuthin like a Porto Rican b@*ch!


Brooke Jean said...

Let's just say that I am proud of my brown hair. I don't get what these hollywood girls have wrong in their brain but Brown is the new blonde. Heck, if I was even thinking about doing something to my hair I would be making it a darker brown.

Sadly to say the blonde on dear Avril just makes her awkward looking face look even more awkward. I would even go as far to say that she was cute but now the blonde brings out every strange feature of her face. Oh well, I at least she fits in with the secret society!

kat said...


Thanks for your fun commentary, brown IS the new blonde! And yes, the most important thing MUST be to fit into the secret society!