Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Female Photographers

Mother and Daughter
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This morning my husband pointed me in the direction of some other female photograhers who are shooting much as I did when my kids were young, in a journalistic style along with the writing that accompanies it.

I recall, even before I became a mom, and in fact, probably even before my first day of Kindergarten, thinking that I was an observer. I liked (like) to observe people and anything visual. I would be really quiet, a lot of the time, mostly deep in observation (when not climbing trees, exploring canyons, or riding waves, all of which, in a sense, for me, are other forms of observing).

When I looked at a couple of their blogs, I was entranced to find fellow observers. It brought me right back to my center. It is akin to the feeling one might have when, after being a stranger in a strange land for some time, returning home, and immediately recalling all that one values.

Thank you Mark. And thank you ladies. If you wander over here and see this, you will know who you are. And perhaps in the very near future, if it agrees with you, I will link this blog to you because you are creating beautiful photographs of childhood, and a beautiful history. And you are being wonderful, gentle moms, that is very evident.

{note on the photo that accompanies this blog: I took this about five years ago. It is my daughter-in-law with my first grandchild, who was supposed to be napping. Clearly, mom is tired, as all moms are at this stage. The photo is actually a film photo, and I copied it with my digital, and plan, one day, soon, I hope, to rephotograph it on a stand, with a tripod to make a more crisp copy. In the meantime, I am savoring this soft, dream-like copy, because that is like my memories of my children at this age.}


Anonymous said...

The image of a mother nestling with her child, breastfeeding in tranquility, or watching a baby silently, CANNOT be surpassed!

- Gordon

kat said...


Sus said...

It's interesting your comment about always having felt and known you were an "observer," for that is what we photographers do and yet I've considered myself as such. I mean, I know that I do observe and notice things that most people never see but I've never been one to "remove" myself and stand back and observe.

Excuse me if none of this makes sense as it's 5:22 in the morning! *lol*

kat said...


You're making sense to me! Thanks for the comment.

It does seem to be what photographers, and writers, do, hence the tendency for many to be adept at both skills.

Cyclothymic Cister said...

Well said, kat. I totally get it.

BTW, the photo is excellent.

kat said...

Thanks much, cister!

AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection

kat said...

anjaka (love the name!)-thanks! I just took a look at that blog, and find it to be pretty interesting. I will bookmark it and look again. I might link it here.