Sunday, July 09, 2006

Attack Beagle

Attack Beagle
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Things are not always as we might expect. I was taking a brisk walk in downtown Huntington Beach, and passed by this house with a Beagle at the window.

He had his chin on the sill and he peacefully watched me walk by. I thought, Awwwww. But I didn't take my camera out (being so recently victimized by the mean camera thief, and also not having all my stuff replaced yet, I have tended to not take out my camera as often as I used to. I am still paranoid that someone will take what I do have, and then I will really be despondent and hopeless).

I rounded the corner, and my inner muse kept nagging at me to go back and take that photo, because I would regret letting it pass by.

I was nearly to the next corner, but I decided that my muse was right, and so I turned around.

As I walked back, I thought all about how cute this photo would be. I used to have a Beagle and he was so smart and sweet. This would be the best photo. I was remembering how sweetly he was basking in the sun on the window sill, watching me go by, docile and peaceful.

I got to the location and he was still there, thank goodness. Still peacefull basking. I pulled out my camera, and he immediately reared up and began to bark at me.

He barked the bark of a threatened dog in need of protecting his territory. I snapped and I went on my way.

It was a completely different photo than what I had imagined. But then, c'est la vie, n'est pas?


kiera said...

beagles are loud and annoying. there was one at the dog park the other day and it's howl/bark was piercing.

kat said...

Yeah, they can really howl! But they are smart dogs, so, they are easy to train to behave themselves. My beagle was so easy to train, but he got distemper from some unvaccinated dogs he was around, even though he'd had all his puppy shots. The poor little guy, got so sick, and didn't even get to live a year!

old man said...

Beagles are without a doubt the only dog you will ever have once you have owned one. Sparky is the closest I've found to a perfect human being. He forgives me for forgeting his daily chicken treat, waits patiently for his walks, puts up with a cat named Jinxy who ambushes him one moment and then will affectionately greet him the next. He is my best bud, and I love when he goes off and howls at the scent of rabbit or more comically to Jinxy's scent. He will trail her around the yard by scent howling at his quarry's trail only to discover its that pesky cat in his yard and then search for her trail again to begin his hunt once more. Beagles will greet you with more love and emotion than most humans could ever muster. Then wait and wait for his nightly walk that keeps us both alive.

kat said...

old man,

I didn't know you had a beagle now! Your story is pretty funny. Don't you miss "Blue"?

Anonymous said...

Yes I remember Blue. He was a great little pup. Sparky is 12 years old and really owns us. He and Jinxy are quite a pair. Jinxy is only a year old. We hadn't planned on a cat and it came as quite a shock to Sparky that we brought one home. We had been blaming cats for the fireworks which was good enough for Sparky. Any reason to hate cats. Then we saw a beautiful calico that matched Sparky in colors and markings so we brought her home. He was mortified. Not only was there a cat in the house, but she thought he was her mother. At first a kitten was more than he could handle, faster, meaner, and quick to let him know who's boss. He soon found out he was no match for her. So one day we came home and they were sound asleep together. When the first light of day comes he doesn't bother waking me anymore he sits waiting for Jinxy to jump off the headboard and wake me up. Then they wait in the bathroom together until I'm ready to feed them, Jinxy on the shelf and Sparky standing at attention. Jinxy wants shrimp, three of them to be exact lightly thawed and placed on top of the washer in her cat food bowl so Sparky won't disturb her. Sparky likes his chicken breast breaded, cut up and mixed in his dog food. Then I sit in the back yard and eat breakfast with Jinxy on my lap and Sparky sniffing for Possum trails. Best part of the day.

kat said...

It's fun to hear your stories of daily life with your menangerie.

Oh, and I will take three shrimps for breakfast, too, by the way.

AnJaka said...

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kat said...

Thanks anjaka!