Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is it Just Me, or Is My Frustration with Adobe Photoshop Justified?

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Here's the thing. I've been wanting photoshop elements for some time, because I've heard it's a good, basic, photo editing software with some of the tools that I like to use.

Mark got it for me for Mother's Day, last May. Cool!

I didn't install it until sometime in late June, due to travel, etc.

I finally installed it, loved it, used it 2-3 times, tops. (Lots of travel in between.)

Home again, went to open it, and it went to a window that appears to be an attempt to upgrade it. Okay. I have several programs that like to upgrade themselves from time to time, I'll just wait for it to do that.

It never finishes. N E V E R. I can let it upgrade for the rest of my life and it will just be in the process of trying to upgrade, so eventually I have to force quit.

I contact the adobe people. They're really helpful until I say that I am using adobe photoshop elements 2.0. They can no longer register or support that because it is considered, by them, but not by a lot of photographers, to be obsolete. I can, if I wish, upgrade through them, for the huge editing program, that I never wanted in the first place, using my current softwared, for a mere 170.00 bucks.

I guess that is a startling bargain because, I am told, that if I were to buy it outright, it would cost something like 800.00.

But, I only wanted elements.

So, why would amazon.com sell software that is considered to be obsolete? Or, why would they not tell their customers that it is, so that they can know that before they purchase it?

So, I got to have the thrill of using it no more than three times? So my husband purchased a very short term trial software at the cost of regular software?

Is any of this making any sense whatsoever?

So now, I have to either upgrade to the whole enchilada, or write to amazon and see if they will take it back, and shop, all over again for suitable photo editing software.

Bleh! Any commentary, advice, suggestions are totally welcome!


cori said...

I guess software becoming obsolete is one of the downfalls of technology, even though Amazon definitely should've mentioned if it was outdated. I'd try talking to them about it, and see if you can get the upgrade at a discount (I found it for $125). I use Photoshop CS2 and I love it. Even though I'm sure I've only scratched the surface as far as tools, I've done tons of cool stuff with it. Good luck!

Mr 6 string said...

You should really move into the photoshop area. Mike or Jason can probably get you around the annoying upgrade notice on your current version and allow you to use it. I am running CS2 and Bridge and the editing capabilities can take a funky picture and make it an art piece. One of the coolest features of the new CS2 Photoshop is HDR Merge. Put the camera on the tripod and take about twenty shots of the same subject bracketing from under exposure to over expose. The Merge tool allows you to select the best exposed areas from each shot resulting in a final with incredible details that you can't get in one shot. Let me know if you still have problems there are ways around this. You can go to the Adobe site and download a trial version of some of their latest stuff, only lasts thirty days but can open doors to ways of handling files you never dreamed of. Still the best product I've ever used on manipulating photography.

kat said...

Hi Cori,
Yeah, they probably should have mentioned that, ya think? I am actually going in your direction. I was thinking of seeing if I can upgrade that way. I did download the trial version of CS2, and feel like I am just scratching the surface of a scratch on the surface! Was thinking of downloading a trial of one of the newer elements, feeling like I don't need THAT many tools! (as an old school photographer from many decades ago, I learned well to make each shot count, cropping in camera, bracketing, etc.). But it is fun to play with photos after taking them. Thanks for the advice and the good review.

kat said...

mr 6 string (Al?)

I did also download nikon capture (really probably, too basic, but probably handy, too, not ready to trash it yet). And I downloaded something called "Image Tricks" which has some fun things. And each day I try a little bit with the CS2 trial, although I keep wondering if I will accidently delete all photos from my hard drive, and really think I might need a class in it! Thanks for the recommendation, I really do appreciate it. And hope that Mike or Jason might read this sometime, and let me know if they have any ideas about getting into my current elements program (which I was sooo loving!). Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Cool picture! That is what I see when I wake up from my nap on the beach...until my eyes adjust!

COSMA, Newport Beach, CA

kat said...


LOL! Thanks!