Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Seeing Without a Camera

Dancing Brake LIghts
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I got this in an email this morning:

"This is a tragedy, it may take awhile but I'm sure we can all pull together to help you. In the meantime use your 'eye' to analyze subjects, see deeper. Often when I'm on trips and can't play music I listen with a composers ear to know the parts, to find the hidden harmonies and rhythms.You will photograph soon, but you didn't lose the joy of seeing the beauty."

Thank you for that. As I was listing the "Silver Lining" aspects (see below), I was kind of trying to say this. I think that the musical metaphor helps, not only to explain it to others, but to myself as well.

We do, sometimes, have to stop creating, and we need to be quietly observing. Our eyes, our ears are more sensitive when we are quiet and paying attention. The muse sometimes needs to regroup.

Thanks for putting it so well.


Anonymous said...

That guy seems really considerate and "together." I wish I'd said that.

James N.

PDT said...

Hey, there's an ad for a hot air balloon ride at the top of this page! Have mercy on this blogger!

Anonymous said...

I was noticing the same thing!! How wierdly...ah...taunting?!?!


Anonymous said...

I saw that too?
Hey, have you guys considered making a claim on your homeowner's insurance?
Do you have insurance?

D. B. Bowcutt

KC said...

D.B. We do not own the home that we live in. pdt, porg, yeah, I noticed the hot air balloon ride advertisement, too. Goggle places ads that are related to the content of the blog, and so that is why you see them. At first it was a little bit difficult for me to see those ads. As time goes on and one can see that in time, and with a little help from one's friends, one can replace camera equipment. But I can't ever replace the photos from that once-in-a-lifetime balloon ride, so that makes it hard.

I may just have to leave the hot air balloon ride on my list of 43 things to do in my life. I am happy to have the experience, it was awesome. But if I should have another opportunity, I am there, and the photos will be put on disk immediately. (I never even actually had a chance to look at them all in camera, but recall one here and there that I really liked and was looking forward to seeing on the big screen).