Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Cell Phone Wars

Early this morning, Mark and I were sitting in a doctor's office. Mark HAS to work, pretty much all of the time, except for Sundays, and I was grateful to have him be there, since I was a little nervous (lifelong, fair, blue-eyed, former surfer, California Girl finally goes in for her first skin cancer screening, EVer while experiencing a turn in luck!). He was on his cell conducting his work. He wasn't being super loud or annoying or anything, but an older couple, across the room was. Mark was concentrating on his work, so he didn't notice them, but the rest of us did. The couple was complaining loudly and vocally, rudely, and with great disdain. They said things like: "Some people just can't set their personal lives aside for a few moments!" "He just wants everyone to think he's really important." "He is just such a bigshot that he has to be chatting on his phone right now." etc. And they were glaring at us.

Ordinarily, I might have passed Mark a note to take it out to the hallway, because he was disturbing other people. And if they had asked me nicely for him to do that, I would have but:

a-I was so grateful to have him be there, as my support, that I didn't want him to leave, and I knew that he would have to be working at the same time. and...

b-they were being so rude about it that I didn't feel like doing the polite thing. I didn't want to be intimidated by their loud, rude remarks.

(And besides, I just had $2500. of camera equipment that took decades to acquire stolen. Don't mess with me!)

So, I just watched them having their loud and nasty hissy fits. It seemed like they were enjoying themselves as they tried to outdo each other in rudeness.

Then Mark finished his call. Put away his phone, picked up PEOPLE magazine, and I heard a phone ring.

Then I saw Rude Dude, fumble around in his pockets and pull out his phone. He then had a loud, and very personal conversation that went on until we got called by the nurse.

I did manage to catch his eye just before that happened, and I gave him a friendly little glare.

Oh, and I was declared skin cancer free. YAY!!!


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty funny story, well written!

KC said...

Thanks, anon. And the amazing thing is, every word of that story is true, I have not exaggerated one bit of it for dramatic effect. I promise!

Lindsay said...

Somethings fact is funnier than fiction!

Anonymous said...

Love this story! Funny!