Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Teaching Photog Class Soon

Reaching for the sky
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Starts the end of the month. Haven't taught photography in a while. I will begin, at first session, by assessing student levels and what they want to learn. It's a really casual class, obviously.

Was starting to think, though, of a way to share the class with any online friends.

Any suggestions?


JBL said...

Put us on videoconferencing!

Anonymous said...

Start with a class on camera safety!!
The do's and don'ts in terms of protecting your instrument of nature capture.


kat said...

Very funny Craigo!

kiera said...

who what where when?

BB said...

What kind of photography class?

kat said...

Kiera, you forgot "how"! RS, here, thursday nights starting last week of june.

bb--i will decide that at the first session. Plan to assess the students' abilities, and what they would like to learn. Will take a look at some of photos they are supposed to bring in, for discussion/questions/critique, and go from there.

I suspect it will be very basic: camera settings, composition, lighting, etc.

bb said...

Maybe you could just cover the highlights of each class here so others of us can leaern, too?

kat said...

BB-I might be able to do that, if enough people are interested.

Anonymous said...

Wow. From what I have seen, your photos in Flicker are really keen!
But, can you teach?
That is a whole other gift!
I hate teachers who are so essterik you don't even know what the heck they are talking about!
Have you ever taught photography before?

Ken H.

kat said...

Ken H. (smiling, trying not to laugh) (sorry)
Thanks for the kudos. While I'd always rather be doing the thing rather than teaching the thing, I am a natural-born teacher, having had a bunch of younger sibs. And anyway, this will be a casual thing, I am hoping. Not an esoteric college class, but something brought to the level of the students, with assignments that are self-adusting, too.

The parts about aperture/shutter speed, ISO might get a little esoteric, but I think I have some hand-outs in my files from previous classes that I have taught (thereby answering your next question). Once they have just enough of a grasp of those kinds of concepts they will be off and running with the rest of them: composition and such.