Friday, June 16, 2006

Happiness and Gratitude!

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I went into my flickr files to find one of my favorite macro shots, one to portray the sense of gratitude and joy that I feel, knowing that soon I will be back to taking photos like this and whatever else moves me.

For those who are waiting for me to do their family photos, just hold on a bit longer. For those who are taking the photog class, I will demonstrate primarily with your equipment and the ability to demonstrate (with my own stuff) ought to expand along with your ability to comprehend. For the rest of you, watch out, because soon I will be back in the game.

I feel like I am anticipating Christmas, birth, a wedding, a trip to Europe, or all of the above, or whatever is exciting, and taking too long to get here.

It has been an interesting journey as I have experienced various ways of being, from the initial shock and loss, and how much it felt like something important had been amputated from my soul, to the ways of getting around it:

sorting photos, going through and uploading the ancestral photos that my sister copied with a digital point and shoot, seeing what my p&s could do, trying various devices (close-up filters, telextenders, etc.), and generally getting out of my own way to keep the creative juices flowing, in little streams, around the massive dam of the missing equipment.

I am OVERWHELMED and AMAZED at the generosity of others. It is such a healing balm for the wounds I suffered at the greed of a thief.

You people have so restored my faith in humankind, for this, and for many other misdeeds commited, not just against myself, but against all people. I know that sounds like a political speech or something, but I mean it. I can get bogged down with how much hate and violence there is in the world, but hey, there are still kind and generous people everywhere. That makes me happy to know this.


I am most humbly and gratefully indebted to so many of you. I will find a way to thank you each in a meaningful way.

I can't say thank you enough. While I am still rather paranoid about the thieves amongst us, I feel like the sun is starting to shine again. I feel like soon I can come out and play again, only with a new appreciation for what I can do and an immense gratitude for the ability to do it, and for the tools that make it possible.

Thank you with all of my heart!


Anonymous said...

While I did not contribute to your camera problem or solution, you seem like a very nice person, well balanced and certainly humble. Some artists have the creative sensibility, but are big-headed egotists. Your photography demonstrates a certain sensitivity. Your blog entries confirm that sensitivity is ingrained in your soul. It is nice to see such a person in this day and age.

Name Witheld
K.C., MO

kat said...

Wow, thank you very much. You are very kind!

Anonymous said...

I agree with K.C., Missouri.


kat said...

Thanks, BerberKat!

Anonymous said...

I am an occasional reader of your blog. I have to admit, tho, that your icon, the one with hair, drives me crazy. Put a teddy bear or something on it. If we can't see what you look like, don't peak our curiosity!

G. Bartlett
Santa Ana, CA

kat said...

G. Bartlett,
LOL!!! I am not much of a teddy bear type.