Sunday, May 21, 2006

Today's Update on the Stolen Camera

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Today Mark managed to find the number for the owner of the particular Subway franchise that has my camera (or employs the thief). Again, he calls, and gets no response. He will allow the owner a bit more time to respond and then we go to the police. We no longer have hope to recover my camera equipment or the memory card. But, we are not going to just let it go. Even if nothing can be done, and even if the thief has already pawned it, sold it on ebay, whatever, we plan to make a certain amount of stink about it.

Think about it. You own the Subway franchise at 610 Baseline Rd E
Ste C2
Phoenix AZ 85040-6536

A customer accidentally leaves a camera case under the table there, and when she calls to report that she left it there, it has already been hidden away, and people lie about it. Would you want to know that you have dishonest employees? Are you okay with them operating your cash registers?

Up until now, I have felt sad and helpless about it all. Now I am starting to feel angry.

But, I have had many other thoughts and feelings, too. It has been difficult for me to not have my camera because I am always seeing pictures, and can't take them the way I want to without my camera, so I have been telling myself to stop seeing pictures, but when I try to do that, I feel like I am shutting down a major part of my soul.

Anyway, as some have said, what goes around comes around. I have even thought that maybe the person who has/had my camera and lenses was a person struggling to feed little children and now she has a couple of month's worth of rent paid up so she can buy more food. Honestly, I have thought that, and tried to send her vibes to at least turn in the memory card so we could have our pictures!

But then, I think that a crackhead probably already pawned it, so I go from my generous involuntary contribution helping a poor mother, to my involuntary contribution aiding a crackhead's habit.

Mark said, when we first realized the loss, that "there are still more honest people in the world than dishonest." And I totally thought that it would be a simple thing: we would call the Subway, and they would say, "Oh, yeah, the camera case is right here, you can come and get it." I totally thought that.

We have found some of the dishonest ones, but the care, support, kindness of so many others is making me think that Mark is right, there are still more kind, generous, compassionate, and honest people in the world than mean, greedy, unfeeling, and dishonest types.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me compassion. It has been amazingly helpful!


Anonymous said...

I disagree with Mark. He is naive. This world is full of bastards...BASTARDS!!!

Anonymous said...

This is soooo sad, but you guys are handling it in the best way possible. You will soon have to move on, though.

Karen M.

Anonymous said...

I am the kind of person who sometimes loses thing, at friend's homes, and at school and such. I hate my life when I realize that I lost something, and that it was my own fault, and I want to just scream.


Corey Moortgat said...

thanks for your comment on my blog, Kat! If you're interested to see my business cards, there is a photo of them here: Thanks again!

kat said...

Anon-1: Well, even after this, I am only willing to agree that there are a few.

Anon-2: Moving on as well as I can manage. Two steps forward, one back, three steps forward, one back and one moment to feel sad, and then two more steps forward.

Blogreader: I am very much relating!

Corey: Thanks, going to go take a look right now!

Corey Moortgat said...

Hi again, Kat! No, the business cards aren't all individually done- I handmade a "sheet" of them (that's what's pictured on the website), then I make color copies of that sheet on heavy cardstock as I need them. However, they don't have my blog address on them. I'm almost out of the current batch, and I'm debating whether I just want to add the blog address to those or make new ones!

K.H. said...

I think that it is sounding rather suspicious about the subway employees. but it could have been a customer, too. but, tell me, were the customers there in groups, families? were there any single customers there. it seems more likely that an employee would take it, since they could just scoop it up, and any employees seeing that might assume that they were putting it in a safe place until you returned to get it, and then they could just take it home at the end of the shift, stuffed in a backpack or whatever. a customer seeing another customer going over and picking it up and then removing it from the premises might look more suspicious.

KC said...

You are thinking along the same lines as many of us. There were very few customers when we left, a dad, mom, and little girl were closer to the door. As I recall, there was an older gentleman at the soda dispenser as we were leaving. But one of the employees was acting like he just didn't like as from the moment that we came in, giving us rude attitudes and such. That doesn't make it axiomatic that he took it, but one can't help but suspect that as soon as we left, with things quieted down like it was, customer-wise, that he might have gone over to clean up our table and took it then. What a find!

Anonymous said...

The loss of something that is a part of your soul is extremely difficult. I have experienced loss on that level. It is a hard road back. I want your dreams to come true and you to be able to have what you need for the gift you have within you. You took pictures of me about 20 years ago....they are the best ones I have ever captured some of my soul in those photos. It was amazing. Thank you for that...I hope you have all that you need returned to you. That would be a blessing. I hope you have called the police department of the city you had your equipment stolen in and asked to place a report. Sometimes things come up...just never know.

kat said...

Nancy, that was so sweet, it gave me chills! Thank you so much!

kat said...

Oh, and yes, the police report was filed last weekend. For whatever that's worth!

Anonymous said...

I say we boycott Subway! Or at least that one!