Sunday, March 16, 2008

beach walk

beach walk
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So, I was walking along the beach one morning, and three surfers were coming out of the water near the pier.

Yeah, I was limping along, doing my sand physical therapy which consists of walking up and down the slopes to strengthen my sprained ankle, while wearing one of my ankle supports.

They were asking me what happened and how. Mark says I should have said, "You should have seen it! There were these monster sets a few weeks ago, and...."

I told the truth, I said I was rock hopping on the jetty when it started to rain, and well, anyway. Some say I should start to act my age, and then maybe I wouldn't get hurt so often. But, it's not easy. I grew up with so many opportunities to be a tomboy. Yeah, I may be pushing 60, but I really don't want to become an old lady any time soon.

So, anyway, back to the surfers.

After they talked to me a while about the ankle, they asked if I would be okay with them praying for me.

I responded that they were welcome to do so, I wouldn't mind at all.

I didn't realize that they meant right then and there, on the spot. They meant right then and there. On the spot.

They gathered around me, still dripping with sea water, holding their boards in one arm (I was as if enclosed inside a flower petal), and with their free arms, they joined hands and one placed his hand on my ankle and one held my hand, and they prayed, aloud, on the beach, near the SB pier, that my ankle would heal, and be stronger than ever, and they prayed about how much Jesus loves KC, etc.

I thought many things:

1-I am standing near the pier surrounded by three random surfers who have decided to pray for my sprained ankle!

2-How random is this?

3-How sweet is this?

After our amens, they began to head for the shower, but they continued to converse with me as they walked up the shore, and as I began to head back in the other direction.

How random was that? How sweet was that?


John said...

very cool! so how's it feeling today? :-)

kc petersen said...

It seems like I went for three weeks with barely perceptible changes and now, it seems to be improving a bit more rapidly, so my mood about it is much, much better. But, I do have a ways to go. Thanks for asking.

The Favorite Son said...

I'd say that it's pretty sweet! I hope it (your foot) is doing better and if you need some more mental/emotional ankle support you can always call me. I am the professional ankle sprainer =)

kc petersen said...

A professional ankle sprainer? Is that you, Mike?

Sis said...

That's sweet. It reminded me of when we visited Matt's mom in the hospital and right before we left she asked if we'd all hold hands and join her in prayer. it was a moving experience, and I kept thinking, "Why didn't I think of this?"

kc petersen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, sis! And yeah, it's perturbing to me that we think of positive and sweet things often too late!

Stacey said...

What a sweet humanity affirming moment. Hope you are healing well.

kc petersen said...

Thanks, Stacey,
I am experiencing lessons in patience. I think I needed that.

kiera said...

i think the "favorite son" person would be chris...isn't he the one who has sprained his ankle a lot? that is a pretty cool experience!

kc petersen said...

Yeah, my memory is of him often spraining his, but then Mike says he has sprained his a lot, too, and my brother recently sprained his, so, I thought any one of them could have declared himself the "favorite son," but now that you mention it, it does sound like CW!

julie said...

Hope you're on the mend! Got to love those surfers!