Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank goodness for sunglasses, quiet moments, and quilts

the much-requested quilt portrait
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It seems like life is never really smooth, or even all that peaceful. Between us we have ten kids, four grandkids, and several jobs.

There are certain aspects of our lives that are especially stressful, things that I have not mentioned thus far, and probably won't. Hardly a day goes by without some kind of extreme stuff going on in the corners of our world.

And we have a great many financial obligations (definitely related to the first two paragraphs) and so we are often left to do without.

Mark gets up well before the sun rises to take care of business, and is exhausted after working a long, long day, usually until 10 or 11 each night, Monday-Saturday.

I juggle many things, too, work-wise and otherwise.

But the thing is that here, in the center of our little apartment, there is peace. In the center of this relationship, there is peace.

And that makes all the difference!


Purpose said...

Come on--peace is overrated. Doug and I only have 6 children and 1.5 grandchildren and I am learning that stress is simply a reflection of the number of people you love and who love you.

kc petersen said...

LOL! I'll try to look at it that way (except, I think there would be a lot less stress if the exes and steps weren't so busy doing the opposite of loving!).