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child denied her childhood

child denied her childhood
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Have we actually found the man who murdered this poor little girl? I have heard that he said such things as that he kidnapped her from school, and that he drugged her. Well, if this happened the day after Christmas, what was she doing in school? No one has school the day after Christmas. And the autopsy showed not a trace of any drug in her body. So, right there, two lies.

I also heard that his ex-wife stated, basically: what the heck is he talking about? he was with me in Alabama that day! (not her exact words). Ex-wives are not necessarily known for their loyalty to their ex-husbands, so why would she offer him an alibi? She wouldn’t. But she’d probably be eager to speak up immediately if he said something totally wrong. Lie number three?

It has also been stated that there is NO evidence, anywhere, ever, of his ever having been in Colorado, ever. Okay, hmmmm. Lie number four?

So, it appears that he might be a liar. But a murderer?

It has come out that he was obsessed with the Jon-Benet case, and that he was emailing Patsy, the mom, quite a bit, throughout the case. And now he is confessing to kidnapping her from school the day after Christmas, etc.

Maybe he is mostly a nutcase. A nutcase who likes to spend time in the pit of depravity. Maybe he gets a thrill from imagining himself as the murderer. Maybe all along, he has been attracted to the case and wanting some notoriety. Maybe he just wants to attach himself to something he finds to be thrillingly wicked.

And maybe the investigators are just happy to have someone so willing to confess that the facts can be bent a little.

I don’t know. And I suppose I have no right to speculate, not having the facts, all of the facts, and just the facts. It will be interesting to see if the truth comes out.

I do know this. This little girl was murdered, in spirit, a long time before she was physically murdered. She was denied the right to have a normal childhood, to be accepted as she was, and to be able to grow up climbing trees, not caring about what she looked like. She had a lifestyle foisted upon her that was not normal. For the sake of their own pride, her parents stole her life from her. She was sexualized by her parents long before someone molested her. She was used. She was made into a symbol and denied the right to be a real girl.

It takes a village to murder one little, innocent girl!


CAL said...

Wowza! I hadn't heard any of that stuff that makes it sound like he probably didn't do it. On the news its all about how they did all this work all these years and finally tey caught the guy who done it. case closed. anyways, its also interesting what you say about her being dead already anyway since her life was stolen from her. i think you just might have a point there!

PDT said...

It will be ineresting to find out what the truth is, if we ever will, but i have to agree with you about two things, yes, he is a nut case, and also, yes, her parents surely did deny her selfhood and childhood, and that would be the first tragedy!

Anonymous said...

Jon Benet's parents did not murder her. There is nothing wrong with entering little girls in beauty pagents. They learn good things like selfesteem, pose, and beauty. JonBenet would have gone a long way, she might have been a movie star by now if she hadn't been murdered by Karr.

Anonymous said...

Now that the history of this freak has been opened up to all of us, and we know the extent of his wierdness (i.e. recent firing for exploding in fury as an English teacher in a Bangkok school to the point where his children students wet their pants!), we are reminded that the world is better off when people engage in wholesome conduct. Otherwise, their lives can spiral into increasingly bizzare and dangerous behavior. Frankly, I would be amazed if it were to be shown that Karr did it. I think he is just a wierdo who didn't realize that his stupidity would be paraded around the world.

I am hoping that this whole wierd episode will draw attention to Thailand's sex market, its YOUTH sex market. Approximately 20 years ago, I knew a lawyer who went there once per year on a sex spree. He crowed that fathers would lend a pair of teenage sisters to you for the night for TEN DOLLARS! He gave me knowing looks about how they would do anything you asked. While no prude, I couldn't get past the "teenage" part. Those girls, raised in that environment were, to me, nothing but sex slaves.

I know another lawyer who just returned from Thailand. He tells me that the sex hotel areas are full of German men. Well, doesn't that speak well for that country?

I have always been of a mind that grown adults should be allowed to do whatever they want to do in the bedroom. While religiously opposed to certain conduct, I am, nevertheless, a proponant of free agency. If folks want to enage in what I feel is sinful behavior, want to ruin marriages, want to spread diseases to each other, or otherwise degrade themselves, I will always say that they should have a right to do so. HOWEVER, I will never understand a country, a people, or an international community which allows a city to build its tourism name on sex with youths. While Thailand turns a blind eye to such commerce, I hope that the world wakes up and puts pressure on Thailand to save its youth.


kat said...

Thanks, Cal. I just have a soft spot for kids wish they could all have happy childhoods.

kat said...

Thanks pdt,
it WILL be interesting, maybe.

kat said...
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kat said...

I am very much opposed to entering little girls in beauty pageants. Little girls should be climbing trees, playing with dolls, and being loved by their moms and dads. They should be reading books, traveling, exploring, and creating.

They should not have their childhoods interrupted to be fitted for evening gowns, trotted around in high heels, spending time in hair salons, nail salons, and then pushed into a competition where little girls try to look the most like Barbie. I think that children's beauty pageants are a travesty, and the parents who push their children into such activities are abusive parents.

And anyway, is being a movie star the best goal for all little girls?

kat said...


The child and youth sex market makes my stomach turn. I am quite certain that there is a "special" place in hell for people who abuse children in this manner.

At first read, I wondered if this was just a related or different subject, but I see your point. The dad in Thailand rationalizes selling his daughters to a man, and some people rationalize "selling" their children to fame and fortune.

Anonymous said...

Usually people who are this against beauty pagents are people who could never compete in one. Ugly people think that beauty pageants suck. Am I right?

Anonymous said...


I happen to know kat and her real identity. She is a woman who looks much younger than her age. She is a former model.

Nice try...but a typical cynical comment, which totally avoids the issues Kat has raised.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! I just logged on an saw a recent comment by some anonymous idiot.

Whoever that person is that thinks that people who are against pagents are ugly is a bit behind the times. 30 and 40 years ago, the nation stopped when the Miss America pageant was on. After a while, it slipped from monopolizing Saturday night TV. Then, it slipped from network coverage?

Why? Because the majority of America saw them as uninteresting, vapid exercises.

I contend that the majority of America has no interest in the pageants. If I was wrong, they would have high ratings.

Has anonymous missed all the E network bios and the Behind The Music episodes which demonstrate the powerful impact that early fame has on a child. Need I say any more than Danny Bonnaducci? Michael Jackson? The list is VERY LONG. Some have rebounded from early bouts with drugs, Drew Barrymore and Anthony Michael Hall, for example.

Sometimes the shallowness of people like anonymous make you wonder what kind of compass they have! Is anonymous a pre-teen, or, heaven-forbid, a parent? Maybe we ARE in the last days, awaiting an Apocalypse. If valueless and callous people like anonymous overtake the thinkers and the caring, we are doomed!!

Franco -- East L.A. and PROUD OF IT!

Nicolle said...

Anonymous... you are very VERY wrong. Ugly people are people like you who say stupid things without using their brain. People who are aganst beauty pagents know what kind of harm can come from them. We should not be teaching children to try to look better then anybody else. We need to teach children that everybody is equal. We need to teach them that they are more then their outside apperance, and that NOBODY should judge ANYONE by the way they look.

I also noticed that someone said something like you can learn self-esteem and beauty from pagents. How much self-esteem do you think the girls who lose these pagents have. And don't you think we should be teaching the beauty that comes from within.. that is true beauty.

kiera said...

keep in mind that some little girls beg their parents to let them do beauty things--not necessarily to the same extreme as jonbenet, but a lot of parents are weak and let their kids have whatever they want and it can get out of control.

kat said...

anon-who suggests that people who do not like beauty pageants are ugly people who would be unable to compete,

That is a rather simplistic generalization, don't you think?

One might argue on the other side that those who compete in beauty pageants have nothing else going on. Am I right?

kat said...

Franco, the doomsayer,
LOL. In your humor you make many good points. Since when is being a child star a worthy and sane goal? I'm sure there are some who go on and have decent lives (perhaps Shirley Temple Black managed that). In today's society, stardom tends to warp and distort lives.

kat said...

MEP, the dragon-slayer,
You are kind (I just hope I don't have to spend too much time now explaining your comments).

kat said...

Thanks for your impassioned post. Yes, we should be teaching our children that they are much more than their appearance, and they should know that beauty comes from within.

When we get older, outer beauty fades and distorts, and then, if that is all one has, with what is one left?

Personality, character, kindness, compassion, passion, experience, integrity, etc. Those are what should be developed early on.

kat said...

Kiera, you make a very good point that has not yet been raised here. Yes, some kids do beg their parents to allow them to go down such pathways. Parenthood is NOT for sissies, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Of all youse, Carter seems to make the most sense. Go Carter!

Mel M.

kat said...

Mel M.~

Are you by any chance related to Carter?