Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Internet as a great source of entertainment...(or Duck X-Ray Reveals Alien Head)

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Maybe we should call it the Enternet, or Intertainment.

I was looking up the filter size for a particular lens that I need to replace, eventually, and somehow found the pathway to some bizarre hoaxes and well, whatever. In any case, I came across this:

Duck X-Ray Reveals Alien Head

I admit that I clicked on it, and immediately started laughing the moment I saw the picture.

In today's world, we all need a good laugh at least once a day. That was mine.

We are also entertained by the hollywood, gossipy, petty, shallow magazine that I accidentally subscribed to.

It all began when we ordered a pair of shoes for a teen boy whose mother recently died. They say no good deed goes unpunished.

Just as I was clicking on the "send order" button, I saw, too late, that the box was checked that we would receive a free subscription to Star magazine. Agggghhhh!

Oh well, it has been entertaining to keep up on the petty details of the lives of people we don't know and don't care about. The writing and the photos reveal more about the writers and photo editors of the subjects, anyway.

So, we have that source of entertainment until the free subscription, thankfully, runs out, at which time we will likely be bombarded with special deals on renewal along with subscriptions to national enquirer and whatever that one is in the supermarket that always has peoples' (or aliens') heads pasted onto the bodies of sumo wrestlers.

Which leads us back to the alien head found in the duck. Have you had your laugh today?


Anonymous said...

I like the version of your typo, "no good dead goes unpunished!"

That is actually not true. The good dead are NOT punished. They are rewarded!

---Bella Conte

kat said...

Sorry, Bella, it was one of those first draft typos that I was not able to fix until later, hence, your comment is now rendered irrelevant. Sorry 'bout that!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you erased the typo!

Bella Conte

Anonymous said...

While I prefer the immediacy of digital photography, there is much to be said for film photography. With digital cameras, you miss the experience of finding that your film did not engage, finding after development that everyone in the picture had red eye, or were blinking, or were giving you a secret finger. With digital, you miss the experience of "where are my negatives?" With film you don' have to download the pix onto a computer and don't have to e-mail your fotos to friends. Yes. Old fashioned film is a good thing!!!!

kat said...

Anon-many good points. Especially the part about emailing photos to friends! (I was in Paris with a film camera, did all kinds of shots of the interior of a cathedral with beautiful, old stained glass windows and amazing tiles, only to discover, later that the film did not engage!!!!)

C9 said...

Well, I saw the face of Donald Duck in my toast this morning. Do you think I should call the news about it? I don't want a whole bunch of people lining up in my street trying to see it!

kat said...

c9--that's pretty funny! Hey, I can see such images all of the time. I saw Michaelangelo's figures in a soap bubble once, just as an example! (heh)

Anonymous said...

Frank says:
What is this about no dead going unpunished, or being punished? I don't get how a religious discussion has anything to do with it!

kat said...

Frank, I guess religion doesn't have anything to do with it. That is, unless you find an image of the Virgin Mary in your toast, or in the tree bark in your yard.